Painted vs. Stained – Which Cabinets Should You Choose?

Painted vs. Stained – Which Cabinets Should You Choose?



With a kitchen or bathroom remodel, there are lots of things to consider when selecting the perfect products that will give you the room that is perfect for your taste, budget and lifestyle.

First and foremost, considering things like what layout works best is a good place to start.  But there are other considerations as well that are very important.  Things like colour choices, what material to use for the counter top, flooring, and back splash and of course the cabinetry.

In particular we are going to examine two popular choices for cabinetry finishes which are painted or stained.  Both are stunning , however both have unique characteristics that are worth considering.

The Basics

Most often, painted cabinets have a spray finish which provides a smoother look than brushed paint.  The result is a very clean aesthetic.  From classic all-white kitchens to contemporary grays  painted cabinets give your kitchen a clean, flawless finish that goes well with modern home designs.  Paint is perfect for homeowners who aren’t a fan of the character marks common to stained wood cabinets and instead prefer a smooth, flawless finish.


Stained cabinets have a more textured look.  As a result the finish has a lively feel that will show elements of wood grain, knots, and other character features. This rich detailing make stain a popular choice for homeowners that love a traditional warm kitchen vibe in their home. Stain strikes a good balance between colour and texture. This is a definitive plus for many homeowners.

Things to Consider

Because stain has so much colour variation, down the road it is an easier finish to touch up and keep looking perfect. Touch-up markers for stains are easier to find, and even if there isn’t an exact match, there’s likely a color out there that closely resembles your stain. Touch-ups also tend to blend better on stained cabinets, especially ones with a lot of grain.

Painted finished touch-ups can be tricky on the other hand. For one thing, you may not always know the exact color of your cabinet. If you’re buying semicustom or prefabricated cabinets, an exact match may be hard to come by. Cabinetmakers and manufacturers may also apply paints by spraying, a method that looks smoother but is hard to replicate with a touch-up kit. Brushed finishes are better for hiding touch-ups overall.

Can’t Decide?

Why not consider a hot design trend now which is mixing it up.  Get that modern feel of painted and blend it with a stained finish island for that WOW factor!

Below, Step Shaker White and Walnut Glaze provide a perfect combination of glamour and modern appeal.

Bottom Line: It is all about personal taste and there are no wrong answers!  Quality cabinetry will last you many years no matter what you decide.  Still on the fence on the best choice?  Contact the team at Cabinets Express Canada for expert advice by email or call us : Niagara Region:  905-688-0662 TOLL or FREE:  1-800-CEC-TALK .

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