Taking proper measurements is important.

If you are an experienced Do-it-Yourselfer, we have included some simple measuring tools so that you may place your order online directly.

If you require assistance, our team is here for you as we realize this may be a daunting task for some.We recommend using our online shopping experience first so that you can decide on the products you are interested in purchasing and the price points that suit you as well as taking some basic measurements as outlined below and then contact us to assist you to ensure accuracy and satisfaction.

This basic measuring guide will allow Cabinets Express Canada to provide you with a layout and a price estimate for your new dream kitchen!

Please follow the directions below and email your drawing to us with all of your contact information.

Specific Measuring Guidelines

You will need to take precise measurements of the area that your project will go in. First you will have to make a sketch of the room and then of every wall noting the position of doorways, windows and everything else that is permanent.

Please refer to the diagram and information below:

Follow these instructions to measure:

  • Start measuring from a corner.
  • Include moldings in measurements by windows and doors.
  • Continue measuring around the room.
  • Measure from a wall to the center of your sink: _____”
  • Measure from a wall to the center of the range: _____”
  • Measure from your floor to ceiling or bottom of the soffits: _____”
  • Appliance sizes (width and height) Refrigerator _____” (w) x _____” (h) Range _____” (w) x _____” (h) Cooktop _____” (w) x _____” (h) Wall Oven _____” (w) x _____” (h) Microwave _____” (w) x _____” (h) Sink _____” (w)


Number the windows on your plan. Next, measure the height above the floor (A) and height of each window (B).

Window #____ (A) ____” (B) ____” Window #____ (A) ____” (B) ____” Window #____ (A) ____” (B) ____” Window #____ (A) ____” (B) ____” Window #____ (A) ____” (B) ____” Window #____ (A) ____” (B) ____”


Download Measuring Guidelines