Exploring Durable High Density Fibreboard Cabinets

Exploring Durable High Density Fibreboard Cabinets

HDF Cabinet Doors or High Density Fiberboard Cabinet Doors are everywhere these day in kitchen and bath design.  Why? Because they provide the best look for the price and hold up exceptionally well to daily use.

A high density furniture grade core is a quality material made from real hard and soft wood fibers pressed together by high pressure and temperature.  This process renders the boards much more durable and resistant to cracking and warping than even solid woods.

This makes HDF a fantastic choice for busy families as well as people who want a long lasting hard wearing kitchen for many years to come.

At Cabinets Express Canada we offer solid wood as well as 2 stunning HDF cabinet choices which include: Off White and Step Shaker White.

Step Shaker White Vanity

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