Build Equity with a D.I.Y. Project

Build Equity with a D.I.Y. Project

When you feel like it is time to upgrade your home, there are many projects that you can perform yourself that will help build equity in your property and make it more enjoyable for you to live in right now.

Home improvement projects are not for everyone but for many, they are completely doable and will save you a great deal of money as compared to hiring a professional.

Here are a few profitable upgrades you can do to renovate your home and build equity.

1. Fixtures These can include changing the hardware on your cabinets or switching an outdated faucet for a new one. You might consider adding light in the form of wall sconces or increasing air flow on a patio or living room with a ceiling fan. The nice things about fixture upgrades is that most times they are not terribly expensive and require little more than a small tool kit and very basic electrical knowledge.

2. Updating a Bathroom

Renovate Bath There are a number of things you can do to upgrade or remodel your bath without bringing in a contractor. You can re-tile the floor, shower or bath area, you can add new or more light. You can also switch out a toilet with minimal work and replace a vanity as well. These options are much cheaper than a complete gutting of the bathroom and most can be done over a weekend. The return on your investment regarding a bathroom remodel is upwards of 80%.

3. Kitchen Remodel It is no secret that kitchen renovations can be expensive, but a lot of money can be saved if you are willing to do a little work yourself.

On the low-end you can expect to spend several thousand dollars if you are installing new floors, counter tops or appliances. If your budget is in jeopardy, you might consider making an impact with a smaller project like changing the hardware and cabinet doors.

One of the biggest changes in the kitchen industry is ready to assemble cabinetry that any homeowner can put together themselves.  This type of cabinetry can be customized to any kitchen layout and ultimately save you unbelievable amounts of money, yet still give you the boost in equity to your home that comes with a kitchen remodel.  (main picture an OFF WHITE KITCHEN DIY project).

BIG AND SMALL RENOVATION PROJECTS Overall you can go big, or you can make small home renovation changes, the result will generally be an increase in your home’s equity either way. We have covered just a few upgrades here.

If a D.I.Y. project is something you have been considering, the team at Cabinets Express Canada have great customer support and all the products you need for your kitchen or bath, shipped right to your door.

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